Monday, September 6, 2010

My Office in the Woods

My office in the woods is a bright blue adirondack chair purched on top of the Canadian Shield. Each morning I climb to this high point to have my cup of tea and begin reflecting. I love to get up and slip away before the others awake. Of course I leave a note but even if I didn't there is no secret about where I have gone. Eventually they will find me.

If I sit quietly enough the young deer will playfully bound around my perch without seeming to even notice me. This fills me with awe and I feel blessed to have witnessed these shy creatures at such close proximity.

As I sit in my chair I try to decide if I will take myself off for an early ride on my beloved bike before my family makes claims on my day. Is there really any other choice? Off I go and feel yet another level of calm when the trees on this trail envelope me as I duck to pass under their green canopy. I try to drink in all the air, beauty and moisture before the weather changes. There was definitely a bit in the air as I set out and I know that the season is changing.

Later in the day when I am hiking on this very same trail with my family we come across yet another wonder. It is an old Mica Mine in the middle of the woods. Sitting on this site precariously close to the edge of the hill lays this old boiler with no obvious explanation of how it got there. There is so much history in this area I think it will keep us searching for answers for many more seasons to come.

Finally we are at the end of our summer weekends and are heading out of the woods feeling sad that the season has come to a close but much better for having been on this adventure. We know we will be back to explore as the leaves turn their glorious shades of golds, reds, oranges and yellows.

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  1. I felt the same today as we packed up KL,...uncertain of when we might be back,and what season we will come back to. A little sad inside about summer ending out in that magical place. But as I teach daily, one door closes....
    I do love the fall, but it's still hard to bid farewell to a season made for camping :)
    Your photos are beautiful!