Friday, April 29, 2011

The Man Code this Spring

Well it is that time of year when we start things fresh. I have had a break from running my e-courses and am ready to start The Man Code again! It was so much fun the last time.I am looking forward to seeing what comes up this time. I have found myself referring back, over the last few months, to things we learned together in this course. It was great to see what others came up with and how easily we shared a laugh or two. I think we all took something new away with us even if it was just an appreciation of the different ways men and women interpret their worlds.

Starting May 9, 2011 I will be running The Man Code again. 

You can register by emailing me at or by going to  

For more information check out my main site at

I look forward to learning along with you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I went for a hike on the Rideau Trail on Easter weekend and saw some marvelous sights. Nature is so amazing. The quiet is deceiving because there is so much going on in the woods. When I was watching where I was walking these delicate little flowers caught my eye. As fragile as they look they clearly had the strength to fight there way through the underbrush!

I am looking at nature in a whole new way since taking my painting course this winter. When I look at some of the photographs I took I can see how I could reproduce elements of them on canvas. So who knows what will reveal itself to us when we embark on a learning journey.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Growth

Spring is a time of renewal. It is a time when we see clear signs of change. We watch the buds pop out on the trees. We hear the birds call to each other. We feel the warmth of the sun return to our parched land. All along this renewal was preparing to take place. Under the dry grass lay signs of life just out of our view.

I feel a renewal taking place in me too. I have had a very productive winter and feel lots of chance emerging just under my sight line. I feel it and know it but haven't seen it quite yet. I am expanding and feel both excited and terrified. My challenge is to stay balanced so I don't topple over in either direction. Keeping these two powerful feelings in harmony is not small feat. But I know I am up for it.

I have lots to share but not quite yet. I promise to keep you posted!