Monday, March 21, 2011

March Break

How not to been seen at the Museum of Nature in Ottawa.

Well we did like so many other parents we headed to the museums at march break.

It was just nice to be able to get on the road and not worry about a snow storm putting an end to our journey.

We had some fun visiting family and generally touring around.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Last Week Of The Man Code E Course

Well this is the last week of my ecourse The Man Code. I released the last assignment this morning. It felt like giving birth-without the pain.

I have really enjoyed this course. I loved putting the material together as well as the class discussion and images.

We had some laughs and some shift in perspective which was the point.

My hope is that we will all go forth and see the man world with a little more humour and curiosity.

I have run my ecourses five times now and I have taken two ecourse at the same time. So I think it is safe to say it is time for a break. I have enjoyed the whole process but now need to sit back and really think about what I have learned. I still plan to run the courses but not right away.

I want to slow down a little and let my brain percolate. I want to see what comes up next. So as I wait for the Spring to come I am deep in reflection, a place I love to be after a very productive time.

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Last Week of My Painting Course

Well this is the last week of the e painting course that I have been taking. This is supposed to be about composition. I don't have any real idea what makes good composition. I just know what I like when I see it.

This was based on a technique that I learned in a real-time painting class that I took last summer. The instructor had us paint a design with black, in this case paynes grey, then put another painting on top of the black. I am sure that she had a better way to describe it then I just did.

I have enjoyed the class because it had me painting every week. Without the class I wouldn't have picked up my paint brush as often. I might have attempted one painting this winter but the class motivated me to keep up with the assignments.

Would I take another e painting course? I guess I would prefer something a little bit more intimate. Given that there were over 300 students I wasn't able to keep track of who was who and who painted what. There were over 300 paintings posted each week! I would like to have gotten to know some of the artists better and perhaps that is more easily achieved in either a smaller class or a real-time class.