Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have not written on this site for a while because I have been posting to my main site

I am definitely in transition. I am trying to expand my offerings and have been consulting with a number of people to help me accomplish this goal. Business is not my speciality so I have had to call on the experts to give me direction.

I have a lot of ideas both for more e-courses and some in-class courses. I am also interested in developing more offerings of a therapeutic nature. It has become clear to me, and the experts who are helping me, that I am the product person. I didn't know what that was until just recently.

When you train in the field of psychology, as I did, business is not typically discussed. So I am learning a bit about the anatomy of a business because I am trying to expand. There are some growing pains because there is a lot to learn. However, the challenge is to maintain perspective and not become overwhelmed. So it is easier to find perspective some days then others but I have found that my excersions into nature have helped me with this issue. So head on over to the main site and see what I have been drawing on to help me with this transition.