Monday, September 13, 2010

Kids Have Gone Back to School!

The kids have gone back to school and that means that our days wandering in the woods to explore new and exciting worlds hasn't ended but it has changed. No longer do we have endless hours to lose ourselves the way we did just a few short days ago. Now we will be much more aware of time and the new coolness in the air. I have enjoyed my summer, my family and our time together. I cherish these times as much as I can because I know that my children will fly before I know it.

My oldest is already to go... Except that she has to finish her last year of high school. She and I have been working together this summer and it has been a gift. She is bright, enthusiastic, and she is an amazing kid! She is way ahead of where I was at her age, thank goodness. I know that when she flies I will miss her but I know that she has to take her place in the world and pursue her dreams. She is a free spirit and as such she cannot be contained. She must explore endlessly to feed her growth. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

As my children grow into their lives I will be left behind but I have my own dreams to pursue. With them back at school last week I actually had a day to myself. It had been a long time and I missed having my own company. I finally pulled out a canvas that I had been wanting to return to and started at it. It felt so right and wonderful to play with my paints and  brushes again. I usually paint to fill a space on a wall in our home but this summer I took a three day painting course at a local college. It was wonderful to do nothing but paint all day for three days. I would have happily stayed the week had the course been longer. So with the Fall comes endings but beginnings too. I look forward to the days I have to myself to pursue my creative outlets. This time enriches every part of my life and I am grateful for it all.

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