Friday, January 21, 2011

Running Two eCourses and More!

Well here it is the middle of January 2011! How time flies. I have been running two eCourses this month and have been enjoying every minute of it. I love searching for images and putting my ideas together in a forum of interaction.

I was at a talk by a local artist and she said she loves to put her ideas-to-paint-to-canvas. I guess I would say that I love putting my ideas-to-my-computer-to-my-keyboard-to-my-eCourses! Is that even the same? It feels like it is, like a creative process akin to painting.

I have also been taking an eCourse by the lovely and talented Tracy Olan called Winter Girl. Each day she assigns a photo challenge. The picture you see here was for Warmth, how do you get warm in the winter here in the Great White North! You can see me next to my fireplace in my cosy basement. A fireplace is a must in this climate because it is really cold her in January! Oh ya and I am wearing a hat her indoors but that is only because I am having a bad hair day!

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