Friday, January 14, 2011

Successfully Launched!

Hi All. We had a Launch Party for Sublime in the Fall or 2010. This was the post I published then. I have included it here so you could read the talk that I gave at that time. It gives a good description of SUBLIME the ecourse. And the course does start next week-January 17, 2011. You can check it out at

We had a successful Launch Party for Sublime. She is in flight now. The course starts next week so if you haven't signed up you still have time.

I wanted to thank all of you who were with us physically and in thought as well. We appreciate all the good energy and support.

The night was lovely. We all gathered in a local chocolate cafe, my teenage daughter introduced me and I gave a short talk entitled The Girl Within.

For those of you who wanted to be there but were unable to come I have made a copy of it here so you could at least read it. We did have it video taped and we will post that to the main blog site when it is ready.


Let me introduce you to my girl within. You can always find her at the top of a large tree.
Because she loves to climb.
And of course she will be wearing a pretty dress.
Because she loves pretty things,
especially if they are shinny.
And I must warn you she is an emotional creature.

Sometimes her heart feels like it is going to burst with joy,
or sorrow depending on the day.
No matter what she is intense and she suspects that this is hard on the people around her.
So she tries to modify her enthusiasm but it doesn't always work.
Sometimes she can't help but spill out all over the place.
She watches as people shrink back in discomfort and
she thinks that she should tone it down a bit but it is hard to contain once it gets going.
She loves her intensity and she loves spilling out and
she is sad that she has so few people to play with.

GOOD girls behave themselves and she know that but how can all this enthusiasm be bad?
She keeps thinking that if she finds a way to channel it no will suspect that she is always on the verge of an eruption.
She decided that if she holds the reins tight and
only lets out about 60% of her intensity that everyone will think that she is normal.
But the other 40% always threatens to burst forth.
So she has to find ways to distract it.
So she paints, draws, crochets, kayaks, bikes, reads and journals until finally it is quietened.

But for how long?

She looks around to others of her kind to see how they are managing.
Secretly she suspects that they too are trying to make themselves smaller to accommodate the world around them.
But when she looks in their eyes she is worried that they have forgotten themselves.
She wishes that they shared a mental telepathy where they could tell each other,
"remember me? I'm big and intense just like you."
Then she imagines that they form a club where they all become unapologetically themselves.
Of course there will be conflict but they all love and respect each other enough to work it out.
These challenges only strengthen each of the on their path to self-discovery.
And in their club they remember to dream bigger dreams.
They remember to become fearless.
And a secret that they only share with each other
is that they become like warriors compassionately guarding the freedom of us all.
Their relationships grow to make room for all who want to join.
They become like an old wood forest with strong deep roots and branches that endlessly reach for the sky.

That is my vision for all of us.
I want all girls and women to be fully, unapologetically themselves.
I want us to nurture and respect each others quirks and idiosyncrasies.
I want us to gently call each other on self-harm behavior.
I want us to invest in each other's growth.
I want us to fill the space we were born to fill.
I want us to laugh until we cry.
I want us to cry because of all the beauty.
I want us to heal our broken hearts.

I want us to live tenderly, openly, creatively, authentically.

That is why I have put the e course SUBLIME together.
I want to help women remember their girls within.
This girl is a combination of our pre-adolescent, our mid-adolescent and present self.
She already lives inside us.
And she is very potent.
But sadly, most of us lost her along the way.
We learned to quieten her.
We learned to compartmentalize her.
We even learned to dislike her.
We judge her.
We ignore her.
We dismiss her.
We tell ourselves that we don't have time for that nonsense.
And because of this too many of us have FORGOTTEN HER.
And as a result we have forgotten how to play.
We have forgotten how to have fun.
We have even forgotten how to laugh at ourselves.
As a result we are unduly stressed.
We are too serious.
And our health is in jeopardy.

Our health is my biggest concern.
For those of you who don't know me I have a million theories about how to improve our health.
I designed the e course SUBLIME based on one such theory.
The theory is that the pre-adolescent self is free, to laugh, cry,argue, explore, create and heal.
I read once that a girl could walk down the street behind her mom doing the King Tut and no one would pay attention.
However, once she hit puberty all that changes.
The cultural messages start to dictate to her how she is to behave.
She starts to become self-conscious and self-critical.
She starts to judge herself based on the messages from the culture.
I call this the vortex.
It is like getting pulled into a swiftly moving current.
There is no way to remain standing no matter how strong we are.
We all went through it and this is why we don't remember the girl within.
The vortex or culture redirected our attention away from her.

Next, I see the adolescent girl coming out the other side of the vortex, dazed, confused, altered.
She enters a state of growing amnesia where she learns to forget her vitality and originality.
She has been changed.
She is no longer free to be unapologetically herself.

I think we can change all that,
Through creativity and self exploration in the e course SUBLIME we are learning to reclaim, integrate and best of all remember our girl within.
Throughout the 6 assignments we use photography, collage and journaling to remember the power that still lives inside us.
Through creativity, reflection and a private supportive community we learn to increase the volume of the voice of this potent self.
We learn to hear her the way we once did.
We learn to allow her to feed our dreams
We learn to allow her to lead us toward fearlessness.
Through remembering and integrating her we learn to heal our wounds and grow toward our full potential.



  1. can I still register for the one that started on January 17th? Or should I wait?!

  2. Hi Babi

    You still have time to join us. Let me know if you want me to send you the information. If you have a flickr account send me your name on that account and I will send you an invitation to the group.

    I would love to have you in the class.