Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gators and Pink Flamingos On New Years Day!

Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Titusville, Florida. That is where we saw some incredible birds and yes, alligators! I don't know what these birds are called but they were quite a sight to see on our drive through.

It was like being back in time in some prehistoric era.
And yes I said "pink flamingos" because I am not a bird expert but don't they look like what you think flamingo's should look like? And they were definitely pink!

See what I mean? Here I'll show you another shot because I only took about 50!

There are pink, right?

But the best is yet to come. I swear we were back thousands of years and my primitive instincts were saying RUN!!!!!

Yes that is what you think it is...

Now check this one out.
How about this one.

And this one...
What about this next one!

How about a closer look...
Okay, is your skin crawling yet? Don't you want to RUN!!!!!!!! But wait there are just a few more.
Look at these guys all happy in the mud! Just wanted you to see how relaxed they were...
Tail just swishing lazily in the water... Okay now you can RUN!!!!

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  1. Hi! great pics! I've not been that far south in FL yet, but we have those same birds up in north florida. the pink ones are Roseate Spoonbills, and the ones in the tree are wood storks. You pegged the 'gators. :)