Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well in the not so sunny North, the city that I live in has basically shut down. It is an official Snow Day. That means that all the schools were closed and all the kids are happily playing at home! As for the rest of us we are trying to plug away... The above is a shot from my desk at home in the basement where I normally look up to the street. Well not to the street today because of the snow! Good thing I am not claustrophobic!

I am fortunate enough to work for myself so I was able to cancel my sessions for the day and stay home with my son. However, given that I am running two e courses, which means that snow or not I can show up, I was able to show up to do that work today.

The snow shows no signs of slowing down so I think there will be a big dig out tomorrow morning as we all try to resume our regular daily schedules. Keep you fingers crossed for us!

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