Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Update-Finally!

Okay so I have been painting in the ecourse I am taking called Get Your Paint On with Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough, two talented San Francisco artist. Imagine a painting a week for five weeks! This is week three and I have yet to put brush to canvas but the week isn't over yet.
I have been running Sublime and just launched The Man Code for the second time.
Oh ya, I also have a day job!

So this is painting number one.
They gave us some direction in terms of what to draw on for subject matter but then left the rest up to us.
I love metallic paint so I included it but find it doesn't photograph so well.
I am not so thrilled with this one but did step outside my comfort zone
which is part of the point of taking a painting class!

This one I like a whole lot better.
It is more organic which is my thing.
I am outside my comfort zone again in terms of colours
but did enjoy doing this painting and I am pleased with the results, mostly.

I made a new contact in my little town which I am thrilled about
Robin check her out.
I think you will see some collaboration come from the pair of us. I'll keep you posted!

I am telling you, running ecourse is a blast.
I love the course development stage the best I think.
It is so much fun to link my ideas with images and assignments.
Of course I really enjoy the students too. After all the material is for them.

Taking an ecourse is also lots of fun. Last month is was Winter Girl with Tracy Olan and this month it is

I guess this is the year of ecourses for me.
I am learning a lot and enjoying the many challenges both running and taking them.
The learning curve for me this past year has been enormous!
That is what I love best though, learning! So I am one happy girl!

Oh I gotta go now cause I have to paint, run my courses, answer my messages, see my clients, feed my family...and slow down...all with a smile on my face!

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