Friday, December 3, 2010


 Well two weeks ago I started work on this mosaic mirror. I have been attending a wonderful woman's art night that Julie Davidson Smith holds in her studio. We have been doing encaustics but we had an opprotunity to do mosaics on mirrors so I thought I would give it a go. I just had a small wall built in my basement and am so excited to have a place to hang some art. This photo is just after I groated and began to rub off some of the groat.

In this next photo I have washed all the groat off and I have begun to uncover the mirror. Still lots of goup in the center and on the sides.

 The third photograph is how it looks now. I was so pleased after I got it all cleaned up. It was lots of fun and now I feel I have learned the basics and am ready to tackel a small table top. Well not right now but...
The last shot is of me taking the shot. Just wanted you to see something besides my ceiling and see it is a mirror. There I am...hello...

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  1. It is so much more beautiful in person! So awesome KL ;)