Thursday, October 21, 2010

My First Experience with Skype!

Look at me! I just got a web cam, thank you tool girl! You know who you are... I have been learning how to use it and guess what? I just did my first Skype counselling session last night! Wow, it was really cool and weird. I was talking to my computer. I do talk to may computer but I never expect it to talk back! Well it did. Of course I know it wasn't my computer talking because that would be really weird. It was my client talking to me through my computer from a city several hours away. Technology is really something. I remember a time years and years ago-okay I have been around for a while-when there was talk about being able to see someone when you talk to them on the phone! Ya, I am that old! I remember black and white television too... that is another story. Anyway it is here. Skype allowed me to do my work with someone who didn't have to come into my downtown office! That is incredible. Okay for all you tech savvy, well versed in Skype, users it feels incredible to me. And of course this means the possibilities are endless. So I guess I have now added another piece to me work and that is to offer Skype counselling.

I love branching out! This summer I added the e-course Sublime to my repertoire and now this. I have felt for many years that I wanted to get out of my office more but I didn't know how I would do that. Well I guess that through e-courses and skype counselling I am leaving my office in a way I couldn't have anticipated. And it feels great!

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  1. whoooo-hooooooo.....
    2010 has been your year for getting yourself 'out there'...
    And it suits you!