Monday, August 30, 2010

Reflections on My Bike

I love love love my bike. Well my adolescent girl-self loves my bike. I love nothing more then to feel the wind push against my body as I race down a root and rock covered trail in the woods, trying not to be thrown off. I love the freedom that I feel because of the places that my bike can take me. I love how strong I feel when I finally mount that hill that I swear I will get up without getting off my bike to walk. I love to feel the moist forest air sinking deeply into my lungs. I imagine the oxygen rich woods filling me with health and vitality. At first I feel apprehensive at being alone but I soon become enveloped by my surroundings and feel safe in its care. The woods feel like home. And when I am finished releasing my pent up energy I allow myself to dismount and just be in the woods.

I love to slip into nature and catch it unaware. I stop and just look at the beauty and feel my heart refuel. I don't think about anything except my surroundings. I don't hear any internal chatter. I just look and listen to the life that is buzzing around me. And it is such incredible life. A dragonfly, a flower, turtles sunning themselves on a log in a swamp nearby. Endless life! It goes on and on even when I am back in my busy peopled world. But I have ingested it and take it with me and feel all the muscles in my body soften. I have let go and I and those who need me will benefit from my adventure in the woods. The adventure that my reliable stead, my wonderful bike has allowed me to take.

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